Holiday Gift Guide for Book Lovers

Defender of the Realm - CoverDEFENDER OF THE REALM
by Corey Holst
Historical fiction

$2.99 ebook | $13.99 paperback
Both available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

A sweeping medieval adventure! The castle-town of Dansford is poised on the edge of the Welsh frontier in 12th century England.  During a daring night attack, a simple merchant inadvertently becomes a hero and is taken on a journey of self-discovery to find the courage within him that he never knew he possessed. With new friends and a mistaken identity he is thrust into a world of nobility and manners where one wrong slip of the tongue could be the death of him.

Defender of the Realm is an exciting and often humorous ride through England of old that breaks down the social barriers of class distinction by examining what truly makes one noble.


Ice Magic Fire Magic by Shauna Roberts

by Shauna Roberts
Fantasy with strong romantic elements

$5.99 ebook | $16 paperback
Both available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

The sentient land of Veridia needs a new Servant to govern its peoples and relay its wishes to them. It chooses the reluctant Fila. She has powerful women’s magic of creation but not yet the skill to use it well, and she can wield it only for good. Jealous relatives want her new position at any price . . . even her death. Can Fila trust her only allies, a scholar who has renounced his male magic of destruction and an ancient spirit of pure evil? Can she survive if she doesn’t?



Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00052]

by Greta Boris
Health and fitness

$2.99 ebook at Amazon
$8.89 paperback available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Do you wish you could have a leaner, stronger body without giving up all your favorite treats? Greta Boris, personal trainer and health coach, teaches you all her secrets with this simple, step by step training guide for a healthier, lighter life. This book has been endorsed by two medical doctors, the founders of Guard a Heart Healthy Heart Foundation, and a Doctor of Natural Medicine.



by Wendy Van Camp
A Regency short story

$2.99 ebook at Amazon and Barnes & Noble
$5.99 paperback at Amazon 

Edward Wentworth, a young curate, is surprised by the arrival of his brother. Commander Frederick Wentworth, the “hero of San Domingo,” is on shore leave from his battles in the Napoleonic war and has come to spend time with the only family he has in England.

All the good Commander wants to do is flirt and dance with the ladies until he is called back to sea, but when his flirting extends to Sally Marshall, an outgoing beauty that Edward always disdained as “a child,” the curate becomes aware that his opinion of Sally is sorely outdated.  Meanwhile, Frederick becomes drawn to shy wallflower Anne Elliot. She is the daughter of a baronet and above his station, but Frederick pays no heed to his brother’s warnings that class may prevent their union.

At the end of summer, a letter and package arrive that will change everything for the two brothers. Which will prevail, the bold action of the commander or the quiet manners of the curate?


by PJ Colando
Contemporary humorous fiction

$3.99 ebook at Amazon and BarnesandNoble
$16 paperback at Amazon

Jackie and Steve, Baby Boomer parents, have built a solid, idyllic life on a small Midwestern farm. Aching body parts remind them that they are not getting any younger, and neither are their dreams. They long to get their lives on the road like their hero, the late Charles Kuralt.

Opportunity arrives when their married son loses his job—and home to foreclosure. Jackie and Steve buy an RV to cut loose and explore America, leaving farm management to their son while living in their home.

Son Brandon, and his ambitious wife, Amy, embody their generation’s prevailing sense of entitlement. Amy embellishes the micro-dairy business by growing and selling marijuana edibles, secretly increasing the farm equity line of credit to finance her scheme.

Amy is no entrepreneur—her elaborate plans crash. Consequences ensue, leaving Jackie and Steve to finance both the farm—and their return home—by selling weed. Good humor—and values—prevail.

Final Brown

by Rebecca Lang

$2.99 ebook at Amazon
$21.99 paperback at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

For as long as she can remember, 21-year old Sylvie has embraced her role as the priest’s obedient daughter. All she wants is to marry her fiancé and lead a quiet, normal life. But between droughts, food shortages, and the slow invasion of her desert homeland, even those modest dreams seem out of reach.

Then one sweltering summer day, her best friend Matthew shatters her core identity by revealing a devastating secret. Sylvie is a Changeling: a fantastical creature given human form and switched with the priest’s real daughter 17 years ago. And she’s not the only one. Four other Changelings remain hidden in the desert—including Matthew himself.

First-time author Rebecca Lang takes us into a war-torn world steeped in political intrigue, shifting alliances, and breath-taking civilizations in the first volume of Matthew’s Prophecy, an exciting new fantasy saga.