How to Give an Ebook as a Gift

Ebook on pile of old booksby Greta Boris

The words “Christmas is coming” fill children with delight but adults with anxiety. Even if we enjoy the holiday, finding the perfect gifts for our loved ones can be stressful.

Filling the Christmas stocking is especially difficult.

When kids are older new pencils and PEZ candy dispensers just don’t cut it. Spouses and visiting relatives will only appreciate so much chocolate during this overindulgent season. Perfume, jewelry, gift cards, and other items small enough for stocking stuffers can add up fast.

If your friends and family are readers, ebooks are a terrific option. Most are very cost effective and, even better, many authors run specials at the holidays offering their books at the incredible price of 99 cents. If you’re wondering how to give an ebook as a gift, relax, it isn’t complicated.

How to give an ebook as a gift

Step 1: Go to Amazon Books and click on the Kindle version of the book you wish to purchase (If you’re buying a Books on the Vine book, simply click on the book cover on our site and you’ll be directed there.)

Step 2: In the purchase box click on “Give as a Gift”

Gifting eBook 1

Step 3: You will now have the option to have Amazon send the recipient an email with a link to the gift, or you can have the email sent to you and you can forward it. Type in the email address where you want the book sent.

Step 4: If you chose the recipient, you can set the date you’d like the gift to be sent. Set it for Christmas Day, and no surprises will be ruined..

Step 5: If you are purchasing through Books on the Vine, CLICK HERE for a lovely gift voucher you can print out. You can tuck it in an envelope, or get more creative. Perhaps scroll it, tie it with a pretty ribbon, and place in a Christmas stocking. Or it could make a wonderful addition to an ereader gift.

What your loved one sees

On the day you requested Amazon’s notification to be sent, your friend or family member will receive an email from Amazon that looks like this:

Gifting eBook 2

Whenever they’re ready to collect their reading material, they will click on the “Get your book now” button and it will take them to a screen that looks like this

Gifting eBook 3

All they have to do is select the device they’d like to read on, click “Accept Kindle Gift” and voilá. In minutes they will be cuddled up by the fire sipping hot cocoa and reading their new ebook.

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