Book Spotlight: Stashes, by PJ Colando


By PJ Colando

Reg. $3.99 kindle | $8.99 paperback

Stashes is set in Michigan, where auto manufacturing and agriculture forged a reliable middle class. It’s Fall 2009, after unfortunate real estate practices gutted the American Dream.

The plot focuses on two couples: the traditional, yet spunky Jackie and her dairy managing husband Steve, and their son, Brandon and his conniving wife, Amy.

When Brandon loses his job and home to foreclosure, he and Amy must move in with the folks, who, with a desire to be as capricious as their kids, leave their homestead in the care of Brandon and Amy to travel the US by RV.

Amy expands the business with pot cookies, dragging Brandon and Jackie into the scheme. As the local bank’s VP, Amy secretly increases the Home Equity Line of Credit that financed the RV. Oops!

Stashes is a comical crossover between family saga and drug caper, satire spun with good-natured American wit and grit.



For 25 years, Pat Jackson-Colando had a thriving practice in speech-language pathology. Publicly she introduced herself with the slogan: “If you can say my name, you don’t need to see me,” knowing that her name and job title were twists of the lip and tongue.

Now, in a real-life plot twist, she has become a published author, PJ Colando, with her debut novel, Stashes. It is Americana humor, fictitious, but real life, an exploration of the contrast between those entitled and those who earn, interwoven in a protracted “I Love Lucy” episode.

PJ’s personal essays and short stories have been published in the ASHA Leader, Indiana Review, Orange Coast Magazine, and The Message. She was a columnist on Lit Central O.C., an online magazine, and her work has been anthologized in Biscuit, OC Writes, Open to Interpretation, She Writes, The Convertible Chronicles, and Wisdom has a Voice. She considers blog posting as a daily writing assignment, the chronicled key to improvement of craft, and is having a blast writing the next novel in the series: Hashes and Bashes.