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Book Spotlight: The Changelings, by Rebecca Lang

THE CHANGELINGS: Book 1 of Matthew’s Prophecy

By Rebecca Lang


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For as long as she can remember, 21-year old Sylvie has embraced her role as the priest’s obedient daughter. All she wants is to marry her fiancé and lead a quiet, normal life. But between droughts, food shortages, and the slow invasion of her desert homeland, even those modest dreams seem out of reach.

Then one sweltering summer day, her best friend Matthew shatters her core identity by revealing a devastating secret. Sylvie is a Changeling: a fantastical creature given human form and switched with the priest’s real daughter 17 years ago. And she’s not the only one. Four other Changelings remain hidden in the desert—including Matthew himself.

First-time author Rebecca Lang takes us into a war-torn world steeped in political intrigue, shifting alliances, and breath-taking civilizations in the first volume of Matthew’s Prophecy, an exciting new fantasy saga.


While other children played tag, Rebecca Lang spent her recesses reading novels in the clover. She entered the University of Redlands and created her own bachelor’s degree in Crafting Fantasy: Creative Writing, History, and Japanese. After graduating, she immediately set off to Japan to have adventures of her own. Returning home to California after three years of teaching English, Rebecca currently works as a substitute in Brea, California.