The Curate s Brother Book Cover (blog)

Book Spotlight: The Curate’s Brother, by Wendy Van Camp

THE CURATE’S BROTHER: A Variation of Jane Austen’s Persuasion

By Wendy Van Camp


$2.99 ebook at Amazon and Barnes & Noble
$5.99 paperback at Amazon 


Edward Wentworth, a young curate, is surprised by the arrival of his brother. Commander Frederick Wentworth, the “hero of San Domingo,” is on shore leave from his battles in the Napoleonic war and has come to spend time with the only family he has in England.

All the good Commander wants to do is flirt and dance with the ladies until he is called back to sea, but when his flirting extends to Sally Marshall, an outgoing beauty that Edward always disdained as “a child,” the curate becomes aware that his opinion of Sally is sorely outdated. Meanwhile, Frederick becomes drawn to shy wallflower Anne Elliot. She is the daughter of a baronet and above his station, but Frederick pays no heed to his brother’s warnings that class may prevent their union.

At the end of summer, a letter and package arrive that will change everything for the two brothers. Which will prevail, the bold action of the commander or the quiet manners of the curate?


Wendy Van Camp is the writer behind No Wasted Ink, a blog about the craft of writing, featuring author interviews. book reviews, and scifaiku poetry. She makes her home in Southern California with her husband. Wendy enjoys travel, bicycling, gourmet cooking, and gemology. Her articles, short stories, and poetry have appeared in literary and science fiction magazines such as Shadows Express, Luna Station Quarterly, Serendipity, and Far Horizons. Her first Amazon ebook is a regency romance titled The Curate’s Brother: A Jane Austen Variation of Persuasion.